A busy highway on a rainy night, where a police car with sirens and lights on, is pulling up a car accused of committing traffic violations.

Drivers in Maryland have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and are required to follow all applicable traffic laws. Nonetheless, law enforcement issues traffic tickets every day. While most traffic violations are minor infractions that only result in fines and points, serious traffic offenses carry more severe penalties, including the potential of imprisonment.

Located in Silver Spring, the Law Office of Asher Weinberg routinely handles serious traffic violations in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties. When your driving privileges and freedom are in jeopardy, you need the first-rate criminal defense representation my office is prepared to provide.

What is a serious traffic ticket or traffic violation in Maryland?

A serious traffic violation will result in a “must appear” traffic citation. This means that you are required to appear in court to defend the charges. The words “must appear” will be printed to the right of each citation on the ticket.

My office has extensive experience defending clients against serious traffic violations such as:

  • Driving without a license — carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and/or a $500 fine, and 5 points being assessed against your driving record.
  • Driving with a suspended/revoked license — punishable by up to 1 year in jail, a $1,000 fines and 12 points on your license.
  • Driving and uninsured vehicle — punishable by up to $2,000 in fines, plus administrative fine assessment fees that adjust for each day without insurance, and a potential license suspension/revocation.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run) — carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and a fine up to $5,000; if the accident results in a death, the defendant faces a felony manslaughter charge with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

If you fail to appear, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. A conviction for a must appear citation may lead to the loss of your driving privileges as well as jail time, which makes it critically important to call the Law Office of Asher Weinberg.

DUI/DWI Offenses in Maryland

Being charged with DUI or DWI is a serious traffic violation that will subject you to sanctions by both the Motor Vehicle Administration and the Maryland court system. The penalties, which include fines, license suspension, jail time, and other consequences (e.g, probation, ignition interlock device, community service,) depend on factors such as your blood alcohol concentration level and whether it is your first, second, or third offense.

What are the consequences of points on my driving record?

Acquiring too many points on your driving record exposes you to punishments by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), such as:

  • 3 to 4 points — An MVA warning letter
  • 5 to 7 points — Mandatory participation in a Driver Improvement Program
  • 8 to 11 points — License suspension
  • 12 or more points — License revocation

Points remain on your driving record for 2 years, which means the MVA will look back two years to assess points for subsequent convictions. The more points you accrue, the greater the consequences. Your auto insurance carrier also monitors your driving record and will raise your premiums if you acquire additional points. While payable traffic tickets are automatically expunged after two years, it takes a skilled traffic violations attorney to have more serious citations removed from your driving record.

Contact Our Silver Spring Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with a serious traffic violation, you may have many concerns. How will I pay the fine? How many points will I get on my driving record? How high will my insurance premiums go? Will I go to prison or be on probation?

The Law Office of Asher Weinberg can help to address those concerns by providing you with trusted advice and objective insights. I am passionate about helping my clients avoid convictions on their driving records and have a proven track record of success before the Motor Vehicle Administration and Maryland traffic court.

When you become my client, I will explain all your rights, advise you of all your options, and fight to preserve your driving privileges. If the traffic violation carries a potential prison sentence, you not only face the loss of your freedom, but collateral damage to your reputation as well. With so much at stake, you need an aggressive traffic violations attorney on your side. Please contact my office today to learn how I can help you.

The Law Offices of Asher Weinberg is located in Silver Spring and provides traffic ticket defense throughout Maryland including Montgomery County, Prince George County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County.