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When you are charged with a crime, society tends to view you in a negative light, regardless of the outcome of the case. The Law Office of Asher Weinberg, however, bases its mission on the ideal that each accused person is innocent until proven guilty. With this principle serving as the foundation of my work, as a criminal defense attorney, I work tirelessly to defend my clients charged with all criminal matters ranging from minor misdemeanors relating to drug possession to felony charges for homicide.

Regardless of the charges against you, I will work aggressively to defend you in a court of law. I routinely represent clients charged with the following crimes:

Sex Offenses

Sex crimes are among the most serious criminal offenses and can often result in lengthy jail sentences. In addition to prison time, sex crime convictions carry a social stigma which is often impossible to erase even after you have served your time. If you have been arrested for a sex-related offense, it is essential that you contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney right away. I have experience defending clients charged with a variety of sex-offenses including, but not limited to, indecent exposure, prostitution, lewd acts in a public place, possession of child pornography, sexual battery, rape, and statutory rape. As a skilled sex crime attorney, I will work to ensure your rights are protected and to help maintain your privacy in order to protect you and your loved ones.

Drug Crimes

Being charged with possession or distribution of drugs can often result in harsh penalties. In certain jurisdictions, even the most minor charge of simple possession may be punishable by a jail sentence or probation. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you should seek legal counsel immediately. I will take the time to learn your case inside and out and devise an aggressive defense strategy.

I will investigate the process by which the evidence was obtained for each charge. In many cases, drugs are found by law enforcement during an illegal search. In these instances, the evidence obtained may not be used against you in a court of law, leading the prosecution to drop the charges. If the evidence in your case was obtained legally, as a drug defense lawyer, I can often negotiate with the prosecution and find alternatives to jail time which may include deferred adjudication or probation.

Violent Crimes

If you have been arrested for a violent crime, you should contact an attorney immediately. Crimes which are considered violent in nature include, but are not limited to, assault, battery, homicide, illegal weapon possession, terroristic threats, domestic violence, kidnapping, and carjacking.

I am available to meet with you upon your arrest. We can explore your options and in certain cases, reduce the severity of the charges against you. To ensure that no self-incriminating statements are made, I will communicate directly with law enforcement on your behalf and will guide you on the best course of action to take to protect your rights.

Contact Our Maryland Criminal Defense Law Firm

Regardless of the type of crime, I will take the time to learn all about you and the criminal charges you face during the initial consultation. I will assess the strength of the evidence against you and advise you on all of the available options. If necessary, I have the ability to conduct a private investigation, contact witnesses and obtain other useful evidence. Treating you with the utmost respect, our criminal defense law firm will aggressively represent you to reach the best resolution, whether through a plea bargain or trial. I urge you to contact us for a free consultation.

The Law Offices of Asher Weinberg is located in Silver Spring and provides criminal defense throughout Maryland including Montgomery County, Prince George County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County.