When someone is charged with a DUI in Maryland, the first thing he or she typically wants to know is whether a conviction can result in jail time. And as is discussed below, whether a DUI will result in jail time depends on a variety of factors. However, the most important step to take following a DUI arrest is to immediately contact an experienced Silver Spring criminal defense attorney. An experienced DUI defense attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and will aggressively defend you against all charges. Below is an overview of the potential consequences of a DUI charge in Maryland.

First offense DUI

Jail time can usually be avoided by first-time DUI offenders in Maryland. However, the odds of jail time increase when there are aggravating factors present. Aggravating factors include:

  • An accident causing injury
  • A high blood alcohol content
  • Reckless driving
  • Lack of cooperation with the arresting officer
  • Presence of a minor child in the vehicle

Second offense DUI

Following a second or subsequent DUI offense, an offender may face a mandatory jail sentence if his or her last offense was within the previous five years. However, even if more than five years has passed since an individual’s last DUI, a judge may take prior convictions into account when making a sentencing determination.

Will a DUI conviction result in a criminal record?

In addition to jail time, most people who are arrested for DUI worry about the possibility of a criminal record. In Maryland, a DUI is not classified as a criminal offense. Rather, it is a considered a misdemeanor traffic offense that that can result in jail time. Therefore, an individual convicted of a DUI may truthfully assert that he or she has never been arrested for a criminal offense. For more information on the possible effects of a DUI conviction, please contact an experienced Silver Spring Criminal defense attorney for guidance.

Contact a Silver Spring criminal defense attorney

When you’ve been charged with a DUI or other crime in Maryland, it can be difficult to know where to turn. At the Law Office of Asher Weinberg, we understand the anxiety brought on by DUI charges, and we base our mission on the ideal that each accused person is innocent until proven guilty. With this core principle in mind, attorney Asher Weinberg works tirelessly to defend his clients against DUI and other criminal charges, including minor misdemeanors and serious felony charges. Regardless of the type of crime you’ve been charged with, Asher Weinberg will handle your case with the utmost care and respect as he aggressively represents you in an effort to achieve the best possible result in your case. If you are facing DUI, DWI, or other criminal charges in Maryland, please contact us today for a consultation.

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