DUI checkpoints can be nerve wracking, even for drivers who are completely sober. These
checkpoints are usually set up after dark, and the sight of oncoming police lights in the middle of
the night is usually the last thing most drivers want to see. But are DUI checkpoints legal? And if
so, what should you do if stopped at a DUI checkpoint? Continue reading for answers to both of
these questions and more in our discussion of DUI checkpoints in Maryland.

Are DUI checkpoints legal in Maryland?

DUI checkpoints are legal in Maryland, but only if they adhere to certain legal requirements. The standard requirements for DUI checkpoints in Maryland include:

  • DUI checkpoints must be non-arbitrary, systematic, and non-discriminatory
  • Public notice must be given in advance of all checkpoints
  • Signage must be used to give drivers advanced warning of checkpoints
  • Drivers must have a way to turn around and avoid checkpoints

In addition, police officers may not stop a vehicle for avoiding a checkpoint unless the driver does something to justify a legal traffic stop, and police officers must wear official uniforms and use official police vehicles when conducting DUI checkpoints.

What to do when approaching a DUI checkpoint in Maryland

When approaching a DUI checkpoint in Maryland:

  • Remain in your vehicle
  • Keep up with the flow of traffic
  • Pay attention to signage
  • Comply with directions given by law enforcement officials

What to do if you’re arrested at a DUI checkpoint

If you are arrested at a DUI checkpoint, always remain respectful, but don’t speak to the police or allow them to search your vehicle until you consult a Silver Spring criminal defense attorney. A Maryland DUI attorney will determine the checkpoint’s legality and if any of the actions taken by law enforcement officials during your arrest were illegal or improper.

Silver Spring Criminal Defense Attorney

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